How strong are they?

A. Even though we’ve tested our Rackstuds™ to full breaking strain at over 150 kgs/330 lbs (per stud), we’ve limited the maximum equipment weight to 20 kgs/44 lbs across all four studs so we have a decent safety margin and to keep the legal department happy! See our Certification page for more information. If you intend mounting shelves that are attached both front and rear, increasing the weight limit would not be an issue.

Is the washer necessary?

A. Oh yes. The yellow washer creates the opposing force necessary to ‘pin’ your equipment to the rack. Without it, your gear would just be hanging on the Rackstuds™ with no other support.

Can I transport my rack with the equipment in it if they are being held in with Rackstuds™?

A. No. We’ve tested the studs by simulating a 1,400 km truck journey to MIL specification STD-810G Method 514.6. Subjecting the Rackstuds™ to constant vibration over time will weaken them and eventually cause them to fail. If you must transport the racks populated with gear, ensure that the rear of the equipment is supported. If you prevent the rear of the equipment from bouncing up and down, transportation should not be an issue. See our vibration test video to learn why we don’t recommend transporting a populated rack even if you use cage nuts. Do you really want to subject your expensive IT equipment to that punishment?

When will the Rackstuds™ be commercially available?

A. Our first production run has been completed and Rackstuds are available around the globe through electrical wholesalers as at 1st of October 2013 onwards. 4-pack ‘Not for Resale’ packs are available on Amazon with worldwide shipping to allow you to try the Rackstuds before committing to 20 or 100 packs. See our Where to Buy section for more information.

How many are there in a pack?

A. The Rackstuds™ are sold in two form factors; a vertical plastic bag that can be hung on a pin board with 20 sets (enough for five bits of gear) and 100 sets (25 bits of gear) in a sliding zip lock bag that is van friendly.

Can I have the parts in another colour?

A. Yes, providing you order 27,000 Rackstuds™ in one go as that is our minimum production run once we spark up the injection moulding machines.

Will it blend?

A. Yes. We have conducted extensive virtual simulations. No Rackstuds™ were harmed in the testing.

Wont the threads eventually get worn down?

A. If you install the Rackstuds™ correctly on their side, you’ll see we’ve got flats on the top and bottom so there is actually no thread cut where the gear would drag. This should prolong their lifespan.

Won’t Rackstuds cause a grounding issue?

This questions has been asked many times and is a complex one; so much so that we did a lot of research about it and wrote a white paper to address concerns. The article can be found here.

Surely plastic isn’t strong enough?

The Rackstuds are made from Grivory™, no ordinary plastic. It is often used as a metal replacement and is reinforced with 50% glass. If you flex the spring section on the Rackstud, you will see that it feels more like metal than it does plastic.

As you can imagine, we tried many different plastics during the design phase including pure Nylon, Acetal, and various levels of glass reinforced Nylon and none gave us the strength Grivory™ did.

What Temperatures can the Rackstuds withstand?

The thermal properties for EMS Grivory™ are shown below.


RoHS Compliance

Rack Studs have recently made a RoHS2 compliance statement as this can be found on our Certification page here.

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