EU winter too cold for our bags…oops!

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Monday 12th March 2018, Auckland, NZ. It appears the hard PVC we use in our RSL100 100-pack bags (red Rackstuds) is rated to -5°C/23°F so if these are being flown to areas that are at freezing level, then the altitude in the plane could very easily exceed these limits causing the plastic to break down. If bags are sent via road transport, they are less likely to fail. Note that this only affects the RSL100 (red) bags as the RSL100-2.7 (blues) are still made from PET.

We are embarking on testing thicker 200 micron soft PVC in the next two weeks that is rated to -15°C/5°F so they should withstand the cold a little better.

Due to the unusually cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere, we suggest all distributors and resellers that are shipping RSL100 Rackstuds bags take extra precautions when packing these bags and wrap each bag in their own bubble wrap blankie to try and mitigate the cold. Over the coming months, we’ll gradually replace the bags in the field with the newer soft PVC that has a better low temperature capability.

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