We have new nuts!

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In the new year, inventory will start trickling through our various channels containing new nuts.

The new nuts were designed with a 10mm hex profile for the following reasons:

  1. Some customers had complained that tightening the old nuts with a screwdriver stripped the screwdriver slot.
  2. When mounting gear with thicker ‘ears’ there were not too many threads left making the nut easier to strip.
  3. In order to obtain more threads without making the nut longer, the screwdriver slot had to go.
  4. We needed more thread depth to accommodate the new products being released next year.
  5. It was desirable to reduce the ‘play’ between the Rackstud and the nut increasing the ‘hold’ potential and to prevent stripping.

The new nuts are exactly the same diameter and length as the old ones and can be interchanged at will. They have been designed to be used across all current Rackstuds (and are backwards compatible) and all four new products being released in 2017.

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