We got the blues!

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We recently discovered a minor issue with the tolerance in our blue tooling that occasionally caused the maximum rail tolerance of 2.7mm/0.106″ not to be met. The colour additive varies between 2~4% and when on the high side, we saw dimensions at 2.64mm/0.103″, slightly under the stated value.

This meant that if you had a rack with a rail thickness at or just below our maximum rail thickness, even the blue studs would not fit. We have now had the tooling modified and taken the maximum dimension out a further 0.2mm/0.0078″ to achieve a theoretical maximum rail thickness of 2.9mm/0.114″, although we are still stating our maximum thickness as 2.7mm/0.106″.

As you’ll see from the image above, the original light blue stud on the left does not quite click into the Great Lakes rail sample even though the rail is at 2.69mm/0.105″, just inside our maximum advertised thickness. The modified blue studs to the right that are now dark blue fit as they should.

Going forward, all stock out of Auckland as at 14th December 2015 will be the modified darker blue studs, including our 4-pack sample bags that contain both colours. There will be no part number changes, only the colour difference to identify the two versions. The modified dark blue stud also has the cavity number (1~8) etched on one side of the flattened thread.

If you have previously purchased RSL100-2.7 light blue studs and these did not fit your rack even though you believe the rail was within tolerance, please contact us immediately using the form located here and provide the following information in order to allow us to process a replacement for you.

  • Date of purchase
  • From whom?
  • Rack make and model
  • Rail thickness if known
  • Shipping address
  • Tel # (required for shipping)
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